Make the right move with Spectrum.

May through August are the peak months of moving season. Because movers have lists to make and tons to pack, Spectrum decided it was time to help prospects and current customers take the hassle out of moving. They tasked us with finding ways to target prospects who recently moved, while also reminding current customers about the benefit of taking their services with them.


People are always looking for ways to make moving easier. An integral part of moving is making sure your TV and Internet services are up and running at your new home. Knowing prospects may be switching providers and looking for ways to cut costs, we helped Spectrum roll out a new offer exclusive to new movers.


To ensure new mover prospects got the best services with Spectrum, we created targeted digital videos that featured the special offer. In addition to promoting FREE included extras, we emphasized how Spectrum helps facilitate a seamless move for both new and current customers.


Digital video was the right move. Our specific mover-targeted videos significantly improved clicks in testing versus the more generic evergreen Spectrum offer. Moving prospects netted out to yield a 5% higher conversion for new customer connects resulting in a significant return.