Creating an experience that’s breezy, beautiful and highly scannable.

CREDO Energy prides itself on being the provider of 100% clean energy that also gives back to progressive causes. CREDO tasked us with creating an ownable brand look and feel for its new Energy offering that could translate coast to coast and across multiple markets.


The inconvenient truth about clean energy branding. There are multiple brands competing for attention in the clean energy sphere. And while this is great for Mother Earth, more competition in this space means brands need to work harder to stand out. The point of this refresh was to make CREDO Energy more visually inviting and to highlight how, unlike its competition, CREDO donates $150,000 each month to progressive causes fighting to make the planet a better place.


We updated their website, landing pages, emails, social ads and print collateral to make the CREDO Energy brand more inviting and friendly. We brought the visual design alive with animated GIFs and also added geo-targeted city skylines and other elements that were dynamically tailored to match the viewers’ specific cities.


Our refreshed look and feel with stronger reasons to choose CREDO Energy were highlighted in a clean, inspirational way. We also helped lower their customer acquisition costs by more than 50% in a few months.

Bold statements + boosted engagement