What Lifters Loved in 2019

From Taylor Swift and Succession to a certain fried chicken franchise—here are the things that made this (sometimes) trash fire year a real treasure.

There’s nothing like standing at the finish line of another year and looking back. Even though at times 2019 felt like a decade in itself, we did bear witness to some offbeat, groundbreaking, and just bonkers media and culture. A Slate “trending topics” eyebrow I saw the other day sums this up neatly.

Truly the “Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica” of our time.

So to sum up this year, and blatantly rip off a certain music platform that does a similar roundup here is a round up of all the things we at LIFT loved this year. Big ups to brilliant senior art director, Jonathan Kochan who pulled this together.