WFH Tips for Creatives

Working from home has highs and lows, but our team assembled some of our favorite tools and resources to make the most of our business as unusual.

Working from home has highs and lows, but our creative team assembled some of our favorite suggestions to make the most of this business as unusual. Check out our list of online resources and offline tips below!


ork together with InVision.
InVision, in general, is always a strong contributor to our team. But Freehand by InVision is one of the best tools for remote collaboration. Plus, InVision also offers great tools including articles, podcasts, books and more!

Have a virtual happy hour, remote game night or watch party.
Set aside time to connect with your co-workers. Everybody is in the same boat and this is a good time to get to know each other even better. For non-work fun, check out Facebook/IG live concerts or virtual paint nights. A handful of us even started a virtual book club with friends!

Create a WFH playlist.
Share playlists with your co-workers. Keep motivated with some hard-hitting beats by your favorite artists to get in the groove of productivity. Not feeling hyped? Turn on lo-fi hip hop to keep a chill vibe in your workspace. Listen to one of our WFH playlists now.

Take Advantage of Free Resources
Keep up with your favorite brands livestreaming on Instagram, Facebook or LiveNation, take a quick fitness session or tackle some online learning.

Try your hand at Daily Design Challenges

Take free classes from General Assembly

Grow your smarts with Ivy League courses from Class Central

Set yourself up for success with remote working tips from LinkedIn

SF Design Week June 16-25, 2020

36 days of type Challenge yourself to design for typography every day

Fitness + Entertainment

Peloton is offering free workouts for 90 days

Core Yoga has on-demand yoga classes for $20/mo.

Try XTend Barre classes free for two weeks

Live from Home on LiveNation helps you find free concerts streaming daily

Take your family or friends on a virtual tour across these 12 museums


Get homeschool help with these remote learning resources

Check out CommonSenseMedia’s list of resources for families

Take free drawing classes from famous illustrators

Keep them active with Indoor PE from GoNoodle

Tackle fun, easy indoor activities with stuff you already have


Establish a routine.
Our team consistently finds this to be our most important suggestion: wake up to an alarm, get dressed for the day, even if it’s just a nice top, and drink coffee, which helps with focus. It’s the little things that count.

Set up a clean and consistent workspace.
If you have a desk, keep your area organized. If you don’t have a desk, set up a space at your kitchen or dining room table with a comfortable chair so you have back support.

Write down daily goals.
Keep it achievable; no need to be too hard on yourself. Maybe one day it’s to walk 10,000 steps, and the next is to work on a side project. Check things off your list and take it one day at a time.

Communicate as clearly as you can.
Working from home means having trust in your team, so be clear about workload and expectations. If you need a hand or can lend a hand, make sure you are always communicating. It’s also important to keep a balance between work and life while at home.

A walk a day keeps the crazy away.
It’s important to break up the day if you can and go for a walk outside. Many of us have been making sure to walk (weather permitting) as well as try to do an at-home exercise every day.

Dedicate time to things you always wanted to try.
We always talk about the things we’d do if we had the time—and now we do! Some activities our team has tackled during shelter-in-place include: puzzles, weaving, embroidery, dancing, illustration, coding and learning new recipes! So whether it’s tutorials to get better at specific programs or just whipping out your sketchbook or journal again, make some time just for YOU.