Account Supervisor

San Francisco, CA

Marketing Competency

  • Oversees specific clients at a macro level, ensuring these important lines of business operate in a consistently high-quality and profitable manner
  • Is a process and efficiency expert – quickly onboards new members of the team and new clients to expedite efficiency
  • Proactively identifies opportunities for costs savings via new processes, process improvements, and team structures
  • Increases client satisfaction and grows revenue and profitability on assigned lines of business
  • Understands the relative costs for different levels of project components (e.g. the cost of a landing page vs. a site redesign), and what constitutes positive ROI for agency
  • Quickly assimilates and jumps into a new piece of business or a new team
  • Specializes in performance marketing execution and agency process
  • Articulates and documents program objectives and measurement strategy for all projects
  • Understands LIFT’s principles of success and ensures they are applied to every project – big or small – that the agency delivers for its lines of business
  • Collects results from client for each program executed – (where possible); analyzes these results and reports back to agency team
  • Listens for new opportunities to work with clients and involves appropriate team members to sell in new ideas and work

Project Management Skills:

  • Manages complex, multi-version offline and online projects – from start to finish – with maximum efficiency and accuracy
  • Oversees development for multiple projects or project components – from start to finish – with ownership and accountability of budget and deliverables; leads estimating and invoicing
  • Serves as day-to-day contact for clients; engages in project-level strategic discussion, including optimization, lessons learned, etc.
  • Works across multiple clients on projects where skills are most needed
  • Effectively uses internal planning docs and processes to reserve the resources needed to complete each step of each project
  • Proactively identifies and resolves issues; knows when to push back on client while also being flexible, responding quickly and appropriately to change
  • Keeps appropriate team members and clients aware of project status, implications, project details, etc., as well as this information’s impact on other project components
  • Provides value-add creative feedback that is aligned with campaign strategy and objectives; synthesizes and validates client feedback before handing off to creative
  • Is considered the “go-to” implementation expert by internal and external teams
  • Highlights to senior leaders any project risks (i.e. resource problems, team problems, deliverable issues, client issues, etc.) – and proposes solutions

Communication Skills:

  • Displays excellent verbal and written communication skills; listens, comprehends, and re-articulates accurately to gain client buy-in and agreement
  • Listens with 20/20 hearing – asks “why” until understands what’s behind the words
  • Is a champion of succinct communication – the goal is to create time for everyone involved in the project
  • Leads set-up and wrap-up of client calls, setting clear expectations of the meeting and establishing and documenting next steps
  • Communicates effectively and persuasively at all levels and across all departments
  • Leads client and internal meetings with clear meeting objectives, content, and outcomes; effectively communicates both good and bad news
  • Readily identifies potential issues related to client relationships and escalates appropriately
  • Makes sure clients understand their role and responsibilities in getting a job done – and holds them to their commitments

People, Teamwork, Culture:

  • Reflects the basis of LIFT’s culture: positive and fun, candid and open
  • Maintains focus on the work, rather than individual egos
  • Communicates with peers and partners in a respectful way – assumes positive intent
  • Is a positive and mature leader in difficult team situations; sets example with professional behavior for more junior members of the team; is recognized by peers for facilitation/problem-resolution skills
  • Regularly works to improve knowledge and skills through individualized external training – plan to be developed in partnership with manager
  • Always willing to take on new responsibilities and play a leadership role in moving team forward
  • Learns from past pain points and adapts to make them better in the future
  • Works as efficiently as possible so that all team members can better serve the clients
  • Volunteers for ad-hoc committees and projects outside normal scope of work

Measurement Criteria:

  • Client satisfaction, revenue growth and improved profitability
  • Winning work that performs to against our client goals and objectives
  • Employee satisfaction and growth
  • Effectively delivers break-through creative thinking and winning ideas and effectively sells them in to the client
  • Is a positive and mature leader in difficult team situations; sets example with professional behavior for more junior members of the team; recognized by all for facilitation/problem-resolution skills
  • Consistently willing to take on new responsibilities and leadership role in moving team forward
  • Solution-oriented process champion; takes personal accountability for improving how the agency runs

Our Philosophy:

At LIFT, we work hard, think smart, have fun and possess a relentless curiosity about what drives customers deeper into a branded experience. We believe marketing is about connecting brands to each and every customer on the individual level across their entire journey. Lifting our clients’ bottom line is the critical measure of success here at LIFT.

Next Steps:

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