Rodan + Fields

Uplifting the best products.

Rodan and Fields asked us to come up with some fresh email approaches to drive cross-sell of their #1 best-selling beauty product, Lash Boost. They wanted to uplevel their existing creative templates to feel more emotionally engaging, concise and visually impactful.


Give your eyes the impact they need.

As prior purchasers of the R&F eye cream, the target audience had already demonstrated an interest in enhancing their eye area—they would be primed for an upsell of R&F’s best-selling product to boost their eyelashes.


Let’s give you a boost.

We answered their creative asks with three distinct concept approaches.
The “Luxe Lashes” concept positions Lash Boost as a fresh, modern beauty brand with its soft gradients and clean airy design.

  • Powered by best practices of 50/50 image + copy ratio, the inverted pyramid layouts that lead your eye to the CTA.
  • Practices that apply to all concepts: powerful, benefit-focused messaging, testimonials and buzz to build trust, compelling claims.

“Love Your Lashes” concept was all about how Lash Boost has the power to generate joy and confidence — every design and copy element in the creative served to communicate this, from the fun eye-catching animation to each emotional benefit-driven header.
The “Drama Queen” concept is all about that bold statement that longer, fuller lashes can make. Punchy copy, bold typographic treatments, a powerfully dramatic animation and tight crops.


Received more projects due to success.

This was a pitch project. It was meant to show off our creative chops and it was a winner for Rodan + Fields.

Bold statements + boosted engagement