Creating an experience that’s breezy, beautiful and highly scannable.

CREDO Energy prides itself on being a forward-thinking clean energy provider with a conscience. But their look and feel needed a boost to really reflect their bright outlook.

CREDO tasked us with creating an ownable brand look and feel for their Energy division that could translate coast to coast and across multiple markets.


The inconvenient truth about clean energy branding.

There are multiple brands competing for attention in the clean energy sphere. And while this is great for Mother Earth, more competition in this space means brands need to work harder to stand out. The point of this refresh was to make CREDO Energy more visually inviting and to highlight how, unlike their competition, CREDO donates $150,000 each month to progressive causes fighting to make the planet a better place.


Stop thumbs by naming names.

Overall, we wanted to make the brand more inviting and friendly. To do this, we updated landing pages, emails, social ads and direct mail kits to better reflect the new direction of CREDO Energy. First, we included GIF illustrations to make our designs come alive. We also added geo-targeted city skylines and other elements that were dynamically tailored to specific cities. This meant that users would be served different, personalized copy and images depending on where they were coming from.

Another modification we made was designing more modular elements for their digital ad units. This helps speed up turnaround times, improve understanding about how CREDO Energy works and also ensure that their huge charitable donations really stand out.

The result was a totally refreshed look and feel where all the information got proper breathing room and where the big brand differences were highlighted in a clean, inspirational way.

Bold statements + boosted engagement