Turning old friends into new subscribers.

In 2019, after 7 years of inspiring makers, Craftsy decided to rebrand as Bluprint. They developed a new site that gives users access to a wider range of creative pursuits (expanding to include categories like baking and home decor), instructors and subscription options. We were tasked with introducing legacy Craftsy customers to this new holistic site and inspiring prospects to sign up.

Bluprint Giving Landing Page


It takes time, clarity and finesse to teach legacy users new tricks.

To show legacy users that Bluprint would be every bit as fun and user-friendly as Craftsy, we gave them a chance to road test it themselves. We hosted an online “Open House” that allowed users to preview every class for free over a 5-day period as a way to ease their transition.


Transparency and transition go hand in hand.

We started with an email containing a letter from the CEO, thanking users for their support and explaining the reason for the transition. In this email, we included a detailed timeline that showed events like Craftsy’s formation—their acquisition by NBC Universal—and finally their transition to Bluprint. This timeline helped ground users in the transition and where they stood in the context of it.

Then, we updated the Craftsy landing page to clearly answer legacy user’s questions and walk them through what was changing on the site. Our offerings also gave them the chance to subscribe to Bluprint at the lowest price ever—just $69.99 for one year + get 12 own-forever classes. We reinforced our campaign efforts with dynamic paid social. All of these touchpoints were designed to act like a trail of breadcrumbs that would lead legacy users' to the brand-new site.


Stuck the transition landing and brought new users aboard.

Our breadcrumbs worked and we successfully led 94% of legacy users to interact in our new site. We also attracted 12k new subscriptions and in total logged 120,289 sessions on the site. Users loved the clarity of the timeline and the ability to “try before you buy” that the Open House afforded. Like any good crafter, we used this campaign to take a well-loved thing and transform it up to become something even better.

“I found the timeline of Craftsy’s journey to be excellent and I understood for the first time what Bluprint was all about and how it fit with the Craftsy approach. Well done.”—Former Craftsy User/New Bluprint Subscriber

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Bluprint Giving Landing Page

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